Tully's Good Times


Raise for your group or organization with Tully’s

Apply today! Earn 10% cash back on all food, beverage, merchandise & gift card purchases when dining in or taking home.

How to get started – applying for a fundraiser event:

  1. Use the fundraiser calendar as a guide for a preliminary availability of dates.
  2. Only one fundraiser per location per day is permitted.
  3. An open spot on the calendar does NOT guarantee availability. Other non-fundraising events or promotions may be scheduled that would prevent fundraisers from being approved for a particular day.
  4. To expedite your approval, be sure to include your 1st and 2nd choice dates.
  5. Fundraisers are only approved for Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. No exceptions.
  6. Apply for a fundraiser one of two ways:
    – Through the website by clicking on “Apply Now”
    – Print and submit a hard copy by clicking on “Fundraiser Application”.
  7. Fundraiser application forms must be submitted at minimum 2 weeks prior to chosen date.

Apply Online Fundraiser Application

Approval Process

  1. Only fully completed, legible application forms will be reviewed for approval.
  2. The review process may take approximately 5 business days.
  3. Upon approval, you will be emailed a confirmation along with a PDF of your group or organization’s event coupon.

Day of Event Information

  1. Fundraising credit can be earned from the time the restaurant opens until the restaurant closes.
  2. Other fundraising activities such as raffles, drawings, donation collecting, etc., will not be permitted.
  3. Supporters must arrive with PRINTED coupon. Digital coupons will not be honored.
  4. Credit can be earned on both dine-in and take-out purchases with event coupon.
  5. Credit can be earned on all food, beverage (alcohol and non-alcohol), merchandise, and gift card purchases with event coupon. Tax and gratuity excluded.
  6. Supporters must present PRINTED coupon to server or bartender with payment and check.

Event Conclusion

  1. Fundraiser result letter and check release will take approximately 15-20 business days after fundraiser date.
  2. All checks accompanied by an event coupon will be returned to the main office for tally and audit.
  3. To qualify for the 10% donation, a minimum of $100 total accumulated sales is required.
  4. Check will be addressed per the information submitted on the application. No exceptions.

Important Event Coupon Information:

  • PRINTED event coupons are required in order to receive credit for the group or organization.
  • Distribution of event coupons is solely the responsibility of the group or organization.
  • The success of the fundraiser is directly related to the distribution efforts of the group or organization.
  • Tully’s will not supply extra coupons the day of the event.
  • All coupons MUST be distributed prior to arriving on location.
  • Coupons are NOT to be handed out on the premises. Doing so may result in cancellation of the event.
  • Coupons may be printed on white or color paper.
  • To receive 10% credit for the group or organization, the coupon MUST be presented to the server/bartender with check.
  • Coupons may be presented for both dine-in and take-out purchases.
  • One coupon per CHECK is required. If a table splits a check, then there must be one coupon for each new check.